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Planting for Color and Texture

Have you driven around your neighborhood and wondered, “Why does everyone’s landscape look the same?” It is common for neighborhoods to have similar plantings, especially in newer subdivisions. Unfortunately, many landscapes lack color, texture, and depth. But, there is an easy fix to this! Planting for color and texture can add dimension and interest to […]

Tricks of the Trade | Landscaping Hacks

Believe it or not, there are tricks of the trade that Green Biz landscaping teams have implemented to become more efficient and design cleaner landscapes. Continue reading to learn Jane’s tricks of the trade! Create a New Edge When Installing Mulch When installing mulch, it is imperative to create a new edge for the landscape […]

Evergreen Plants

Winter can be a difficult time of year. The skies are gray, the air is cold, and your yard is typically bare and brown. The easiest way to rectify a boring winter landscape is to plant more evergreen plants! Continue reading to learn more about evergreen plants and the best ones to plant for an […]

The Benefits of Planting in the Winter

Living in Fayetteville, NC, definitely has its perks! We have both the beach and mountains from which to choose, and we have four distinct seasons! Many regions cannot say that. Since we have four seasons, many clients think that spring is the best time to plant. While spring is a good time for landscaping projects, […]

Planting Fall Flowers

Pansies and violas are the classic flowers of fall! Even though they are beautiful, they serve another useful purpose – they last until spring! Planting these classic fall flowers is an easy way to spruce up your landscape beds and container pots to cover you until March or April! Continue reading to learn more about […]

All About Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds symbolize warmth and sunshine. Who wouldn’t want these hummers in their gardens? If you are looking to add more hummers to your yard or garden, there are specific measures that you must take. Join Jane, as she explains all about hummingbirds! Flowers To have hummingbirds visit your yard, you must create a garden that […]

How to Water in the Summer

With the temperature soaring and the rainy days becoming less and less, watering your grass, plants, and garden should move up higher on your daily to-do list. In this video and blog post, Jane discusses how to water in the summer. Continue reading to learn helpful tips and tricks when watering! Use Your Irrigation System […]

Summer Lawn Care

Lawn care during the summer months can be challenging, especially if you are new to the lawn game. Several essential tips are vital in making your lawn thrive during the summer. Continue reading to learn our Summer Lawn Care tips! Is Your Lawn Established? The first thing is to decide if your lawn is considered […]

How to Create a Privacy Fence with Plants

Unless you live on multiple acres with woods all around, you are probably looking for cost-effective solutions that provide privacy. Even if you are fortunate enough to love your neighbors, you still likely desire privacy for you and your family. Continue reading to learn how to create a privacy fence with plants! Determine Desired Height […]

How to Install a Fountain

By adding a fountain and the sound of water to your landscape, you can create your very own backyard oasis! The sound of water has been proven to decrease stress. Additionally, adding a fountain can break up the monotony of plants with a bright pop of color! Continue reading to learn how to install a […]