By adding a fountain and the sound of water to your landscape, you can create your very own backyard oasis! The sound of water has been proven to decrease stress. Additionally, adding a fountain can break up the monotony of plants with a bright pop of color! Continue reading to learn how to install a fountain in your yard!

Select Fountain

If you don’t already have a fountain, you will need to select one! When picking out a fountain, be sure to select one that will work in your space. Measuring the space may be necessary to ensure the proper fit! Additionally, select a fountain the stands out amongst your landscape. Adding a blue or red to your otherwise green landscape can add a lot of visual interest, especially in the winter!

Test Pump

Before you do anything else, be sure to test the pump, whether new or old! You can do so by filling a bucket full of water and submerging the pump. Once submerged completely, plug it in to ensure the pump and the outlet that you will be using works. If the pump has a flow moderator, test that as well.

Level Out

Once you have tested the pump, level out the spot where the fountain will go. Doing this will make your installation much easier. Be sure to use a level. If the ground is soft or difficult to level out, use a stepping stone or large paver to create a more stable ground. A piece of concrete will also work.

Set Up Fountain

Now that everything is level, set up the fountain! Depending on what kind of fountain you selected, you may have a self-contained fountain or a fountain that uses a basin. Either way, the pump set up should be the same. Connect the pump to the tube inside the fountain. This should be a tight fit. Adjust the flow moderator to the rate of your choice. Lastly, plug in the pump and enjoy!

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