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Ideas For Creating a Fire Pit For Your Yard

A fire pit is a classical element for entertaining, grilling outdoors, and acting as a focal point for your yard. Free standing and built-in pits are two common options. Materials range from stone, concrete, and metal. You can incorporate your pit design into any pre-existing landscape whether included near a garden, water feature, or patio. […]

Xeriscape Landscaping With Less Water

Landscape Design aspects to consider Waste-free watering and fertilizer application. Cutting out patches of lawn in your landscape will minimize the time and application of water and fertilizer necessary for healthy turfgrass. Landscape in manageable areas. You don’t have to renovate your entire landscape at once. Consider redesigning specific areas that are high traffic, major […]

Composting in your Landscape

Composting landscape and kitchen scraps is beneficial for reducing garbage waste and practicing recycling throughout your landscape maintenance routine. You do not need a green thumb to begin composting. Here are a few basic principles to get you started with composting: materials you can compost, ratio and composition of kitchen and yard waste, pile configuration, […]

Before You Start Landscaping, Get a Soil Test!

Soil tests are beneficial for your property. Before creating new beds or adding to your existing plant material a soil test should be conducted. A soil test is simply the overall composition of minerals, trace elements, and products found in the ground being sampled. You can determine the pH and nutrient levels as well as […]

Landscaping Ideas For Your Swimming Pool

Renovating your pool area with landscaping can benefit your entire home by adding extra outdoor space while adding value to your home. There are five areas to consider when landscaping around your pool. These include choices for plant material, water features, privacy, fencing, and covered areas. Most importantly your main purpose for any design should […]

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? By Bob Parrish Plants, like people, get confused sometimes. Especially, like when the weather is topsy-turvy. One day it’s 75?F ± and the next day it’s 25?F. Plants have built in mechanics to protect themselves. A lot of times they get overwhelmed by several days of warm weather and then the […]

Commercial Landscape

Green Biz installed a commercial landscape which complimented the look of our building as well as was within our budget. Their landscapers were professional and courteous and asked questions to ensure they were meeting our needs. Of note, when a couple of plants died, they honored their plant replacement policy that was spelled out in […]

Welcome to The Weekly Dirt

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