Design & Build

Green Biz delivers top-tier landscaping design and build services across Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Lumberton, Raeford, Spring Lake, and surrounding North Carolina towns, specializing in both residential and commercial landscape designs. With a focus on creating unforgettable outdoor settings, Green Biz transforms spaces from the ground up, offering memorable landscaping and hardscaping designs tailored to each unique location.

With a team of highly skilled and industry-educated designers, Green Biz is committed to crafting the ideal outdoor living for your family. Our expertise extends to a wide range of projects, from enhancing existing residential landscape designs to conceptualizing and implementing commercial landscape solutions. Green Biz provides customized plans to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations with your vision and budget in mind.

Design and Build

Design & Build FAQs

Estimate Phase

Understanding Your Estimate | Why does my estimate say #3, when I am getting 9 plants?

The #3 on your estimate refers to the pot size. A #3 indicates a pot that holds 3 gallons, helping you understand the size of the plants you’re receiving.

Scheduling Your Project | When can I get on the schedule?

To secure a spot on our schedule, a 50% deposit is required. This places you on our tentative schedule. When it’s your turn, we will contact you the preceding Friday to confirm your scheduled day.

Project Payment Details | Do you take payment plans?

Payment is split into two phases: a 50% deposit before the job begins and the remaining 50% upon project completion. We don’t offer extended payment plans.

Accepted Payment Methods | What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, or Mastercard. Please note that we do not accept Discover or American Express.

Project Visualization | When can I see my drawing?

You can preview your drawing while the estimator is on-site. A digital copy is available upon deposit payment. Alternatively, you can pay an hourly rate to purchase the drawing.

Contracted Phase

Design Flexibility | Can I change my design after the initial sketch?

After your deposit is paid, you have up until a week before your tentatively scheduled project to request any changes to the design.

Previewing Your Plants | Can I see the plants that I am getting?

Once your deposit is paid, you can schedule a nursery walk-through with your estimator to see the plants selected for your project.

Cancellation Policy | What if I cancel the project?

If the project is canceled, we retain up to 25% of the total cost to cover potential losses on materials already procured.

In-Progress Phase

Project Presence | Do I need to be home for the project?

Your presence is not required, but we do need access to the project areas.

Utility Marking | Do I need to mark my utilities?

Green Biz will contact 811 to mark your city utility lines every 2 weeks until the job is completed. Please inform us about any septic tanks, personal electric lines, etc., for marking.

Additional Services | Do you do land clearing, stump grinding, or concrete?

We do not offer land clearing, stump grinding, or wet masonry work. We specialize in dry-set work like retaining walls up to 4 ft and can remove trees up to certain sizes, depending on their proximity to structures.

After Project Phase

Plant and Sod Warranty | Do you warranty plants/sod?

We offer a one-time replacement for plants excluding annuals and perennials. For sod, there’s a 30-day warranty post-installation or after coming out of dormancy.

Post-Project Care | How do I take care of my plants?

We provide a comprehensive care guide upon project completion. Generally, water your plants 4-5 times a week in hot months and 2-3 times a week in colder months.

Landscape Maintenance Services | After my landscape project is completed, can you maintain it for me?

Yes, our maintenance division can provide ongoing care for your newly installed landscape.

Inclusions in Contract | Is labor, topsoil, etc., included in my contract?

Each contract is tailored to your specific project. Unless explicitly mentioned, certain items like labor and topsoil might not be included. We encourage you to discuss these details with your designer/estimator.

Powering Installations | How do I power my pond/lighting system, etc.?

You are generally responsible for powering any installations. We aim to place transformers near an outdoor outlet, but please confirm with your estimator.

Irrigation with Well Water | Can I run irrigation on my property if I have a well?

Yes, but make sure your well pump can sustain a flow of 15 gallons per minute for at least 30 minutes.

Words From Our Customers

“Green Biz put in a walkway made out of river rock and large flat stones. They did a wonderful job. My husband and I will be contacting Green Biz in the near future for other projects we want done.”