Believe it or not, there are tricks of the trade that Green Biz landscaping teams have implemented to become more efficient and design cleaner landscapes. Continue reading to learn Jane’s tricks of the trade!

Create a New Edge When Installing Mulch

When installing mulch, it is imperative to create a new edge for the landscape bed. But why? Doing this easy and simple step will actually save you time in the long run. Creating a new edge will keep the mulch from washing away during a rainstorm. Additionally, the new edge will eliminate any creepers from your centipede or bermuda lawn from encroaching on your landscape. And of course, we can’t forget that it makes your landscape look neat and tidy!

Use a Tarp When Weeding and Pruning

Gardening and tending to your landscape don’t have to be backbreaking work! Another great trick of the trade is to use a tarp while pruning and weeding. Instead of pulling a bucket or wheelbarrow around your entire yard, you can pull the lightweight tarp around and easily throw clippings and weeds onto the tarp! Brillant!

Use Low-growing Plants for Erosion Control

If you have a slope or hillside in your yard, it is imperative to keep the soil in place! How do you complete such a task? Easy! Plant for a slope! Use plant material that is slow-growing and creeps. These types of plants have extensive root systems that cover vast areas and hold onto the soil on your slope.

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