Living in Fayetteville, NC, definitely has its perks! We have both the beach and mountains from which to choose, and we have four distinct seasons! Many regions cannot say that. Since we have four seasons, many clients think that spring is the best time to plant. While spring is a good time for landscaping projects, fall and winter are also just as good. Continue reading to learn the benefits of planting in the winter!

Less Transplant Shock

Transplant shock is a scary phrase for many homeowners. Transplant shock is the stress that a plant or tree can endure following a recent transplanting. Depending on the plant and the season, the plant enduring transplant shock may not bounce back.

Planting in the winter almost eliminates this potential adverse effect on the plant. Since the temperatures are relatively lower in the winter, there is less evaporation, which means more moisture for your plant and its roots.

More Rain

More rain means less watering for you! Since our winters tend to produce more rain (especially this year), plants that are newly planted require less watering time from the homeowner. This cannot be said for spring and summer plantings. Coupled with high temperatures and less rainfall, the homeowner will have to water a new landscape several times a week during the spring. Planting in the winter means more free time for you!

Plants are in Dormancy

All plants slow down in the winter. Some visibly go dormant, while others do not show visible signs of dormancy. While dormancy takes place, there is less growing, which means the plants need less to live. Since they are resting during the winter, transplant shock is less likely to occur.

Roots can Adapt to New Conditions

During the winter, newly planted root systems have more time to adapt to the new soil and light conditions. Since plants are less active in the winter, the root systems don’t focus on growing. During the winter, they can focus more on adaptation!

Less Wait Time

Spring is a very busy time around Green Biz. The spring rush begins around March and doesn’t taper off until June. Because of the high demand, the waiting list gets a little long. By choosing to complete your landscape project in the winter, you can have the yard of your dreams in time for spring! It is like having a fast pass at Walt Disney World!

The benefits of planting in the winter may change your mind about the best time of year to complete your landscape project.

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