Pansies and violas are the classic flowers of fall! Even though they are beautiful, they serve another useful purpose – they last until spring! Planting these classic fall flowers is an easy way to spruce up your landscape beds and container pots to cover you until March or April! Continue reading to learn more about planting fall flowers.


Pansies are the larger flower of the two. Available in solid and mixed colors, pansies can add a bold statement to your landscape beds and containers. When planted properly, pansies can last until it is time to plant your petunias!


Violas are the smaller, more petite version of pansies. Known for their more delicate appearance, violas stand about 8 inches tall, while pansies can grow to be 12 inches tall. Much like pansies, violas come in multiple colors to fit any color palate.


When planting violas and pansies, be sure to amend the soil with compost or potting soil. Taking this extra step will ensure that your fall flowers have all the nutrients that they need to thrive and last until spring.

Once planted, be sure to water the flowers thoroughly!

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