With the temperature soaring and the rainy days becoming less and less, watering your grass, plants, and garden should move up higher on your daily to-do list. In this video and blog post, Jane discusses how to water in the summer. Continue reading to learn helpful tips and tricks when watering!

Use Your Irrigation System Correctly

When setting up the run times for your irrigation system, it is essential to ensure each zone receives a soaking amount of water that its appropriate for that plant. For example, grass has a much shorter root system then a Japanese Maple. The Japanese Maple may require a longer run time than the grass.

Be sure that your sprinkler heads are spraying low to the ground. This ensures that the water is hitting the plants, instead of evaporating before it reaches the ground. Additionally, ensure that your sprinkler heads are facing the right direction!

How much is too much water or too little water?

This is a common question that many homeowners often have. An inch of water per week is usually recommended. However, it can be challenging to know how much water your lawn or plants are receiving. We highly recommend using a rain gauge. This is the only way to measure the amount of water that is falling in your yard!

When is the best time to water?

The best time to water is during the daylight, from early morning until dusk. We recommend watering before it gets dark, so the plants do not go through the night with water on its leaves. Doing this can help eliminate fungus from growing on your plants and lawn.

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