Irrigation & Landscaping

July 2022 Garden Tips

July can be one of the most challenging months for your yard. The temperatures are steadily rising, and rain is not as plentiful as it was a couple of months ago. While this is normal for Fayetteville, NC, keeping your newly sodded lawn and freshly installed plants happy and thriving can still be challenging. Keep […]

How to Water in the Summer

With the temperature soaring and the rainy days becoming less and less, watering your grass, plants, and garden should move up higher on your daily to-do list. In this video and blog post, Jane discusses how to water in the summer. Continue reading to learn helpful tips and tricks when watering! Use Your Irrigation System […]

How to Create a Privacy Fence with Plants

Unless you live on multiple acres with woods all around, you are probably looking for cost-effective solutions that provide privacy. Even if you are fortunate enough to love your neighbors, you still likely desire privacy for you and your family. Continue reading to learn how to create a privacy fence with plants! Determine Desired Height […]

How to Install a Fountain

By adding a fountain and the sound of water to your landscape, you can create your very own backyard oasis! The sound of water has been proven to decrease stress. Additionally, adding a fountain can break up the monotony of plants with a bright pop of color! Continue reading to learn how to install a […]

Irrigation Care Plan

Green Biz is pleased to offer an Irrigation Care Plan. This Care Plan is designed to cover and care for your irrigation system throughout the entire year. The Irrigation Care Plan is valued at $425, but is available for $290 + Tax! What is Included in the Irrigation Care Plan? Our Irrigation Care Plan includes […]

Irrigation System Basics

For many homeowners, irrigation systems seem intimidating and costly. However, a properly installed irrigation system can save the homeowner time and money. Understanding the different types of irrigation systems and heads is an important aspect when deciding to have a system installed. Each area of your yard may require a different kind of head. The lawn […]

Hiding Structures with Landscaping

Hiding structures with landscaping  The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” isn’t always true when it comes to the necessary evil of pump houses, sheds, or other structures throughout the yard. Sometimes, it takes a little work to make a pump house disappear. Show this area a little bit of TLC and soon it […]

Using Downspout Drains for Erosion Control

A common problem among homeowners is water and erosion control. More often than not, rain and water runoff from the roof can cause problems for your house and your yard. It is important to implement a system, such as downspout drains, that will eliminate any erosion that may occur with water runoff. In the video […]

Fayetteville Landscaping

Green Biz Nursery can meet all of your landscaping in Fayetteville NC needs. Everyone wants their home to look beautiful and this includes the homes landscaping. A truly beautiful home is one with curb appeal that looks well cared for. However, landscaping is not a simple thing that one can undertake by himself and it is usually […]

Lawn Maintenance in Fayetteville

Taking care of your lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC is easy with Green Biz Nursery. Obligations and responsibilities may have kept you from maintaining your lawn for some time. Work, school, kids, illness; whatever may be causing your inability to perform lawn maintenance can easily be fixed by any one of Green Biz’s experienced lawn […]