Green Biz is pleased to offer an Irrigation Care Plan. This Care Plan is designed to cover and care for your irrigation system throughout the entire year. The Irrigation Care Plan is valued at $425, but is available for $290 + Tax!

What is Included in the Irrigation Care Plan?

Our Irrigation Care Plan includes irrigation activation, irrigation winterization, and a discounted service call fee during the year. The irrigation activation is completed in the spring after the threat of freezing weather has passed. Irrigation winterization typically takes place before the risk of freezing weather arrives. If you should need a repair during the year, the service call can be used and is billed at a reduced rate.

Irrigation Activation

During the irrigation activation, our irrigation technician will restore pressure to the lines by turning on the water to the irrigation system. The system is then turned on, zone by zone. The technician will then walk around each zone as the system is running to inspect for any damage that may have occurred. At this time, repairs to irrigation heads can be made. Next, the technician will inspect all heads for proper coverage, ensuring that each irrigation head is covering its desired location. After each zone and head is checked, the controller will be reprogrammed to meet your water provider’s watering schedule.

Discounted Service Call Fee

If a service call fee is needed during the year, we waive our $90 service call fee, discount up to 30 minutes of labor, and include up to $25 in parts, if needed.

Irrigation Winterization

Irrigation winterization is one of the most important things that you can do to protect your irrigation system! During the winterization, our technician will close the city water valve from the system or remove water from the pump, expel water from the system by blowing out the lines, remove water from the backflow, and turn off irrigation controller.

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