Taking care of your lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC is easy with Green Biz Nursery.

Obligations and responsibilities may have kept you from maintaining your lawn for some time. Work, school, kids, illness; whatever may be causing your inability to perform lawn maintenance can easily be fixed by any one of Green Biz’s experienced lawn care professionals.

We can perform any lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC and other areas:


-Planting flowers, trees and shrubs
-Weeding regularly
Water features; planning and installation
Installation of sprinkler systems or repairing damaged irrigation systems
-Lawn mowing
Design landscaping
Hardscape installations, like retaining walls

If you need assistance with your lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC, are looking for landscaping or irrigation services, or just need some more information, be sure to give Green Biz Nursery a call, visit, or click today! You can feel confident that your lawn and garden are maintained, healthy and beautiful when you choose Green Biz Nursery to perform lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC for your home.