Hiding structures with landscaping  The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” isn’t always true when it comes to the necessary evil of pump houses, sheds, or other structures throughout the yard. Sometimes, it takes a little work to make a pump house disappear. Show this area a little bit of TLC and soon it won’t be an eyesore. Follow these steps to hide your pump house in plain sight:

Create a Landscape Bed

Start by creating a landscape bed dedicated to the structure that you are working to hide. If the pump house is located in the middle of the yard, create some depth to the shape of the bed. In other words, don’t be scared to create curves in your bed. It does not have to be a square or rectangle with straight lines.

Select a Focal Point

The next step will be choosing a specimen tree that will provide visual interest throughout the year, such as a Japanese Maple or Crape Myrtle. In doing, this you are leading the eye away from the pump house.

Bring in Color and Texture

Remember, your goal is to hide the pump house in plain sight, not bury it! In this step, be careful not to overplant the landscape bed. Add colorful shrubs that will complement the tree. When selecting these accent plants, choose plants that stay about 3 feet tall. Some grasses will work well here. Grasses will also add texture and visual depth to the landscape bed.

Plant in Groupings & Odd Numbers

Don’t be afraid to plant a grouping of one plant. This style of planting can have a huge impact on a landscape bed, especially if the plant is a contrasting color to the focal point. Be careful not to plant the shrubs too close together. You need to allow room for the plants to grow and you do not want the plants to grow into one another. This will cause the landscape bed to appear busy and your hard work will have the opposite effect.

Add Hardscape Accents & (classy) Garden Decor

Once you have installed all the plants and mulch, add one or two boulders for an artistic appeal! If boulders are not available, consider adding a statue or bench to the area. Remember, keep all garden decor classy and not loud. You do not want to bring any more attention to the area!

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