A common problem among homeowners is water and erosion control. More often than not, rain and water runoff from the roof can cause problems for your house and your yard. It is important to implement a system, such as downspout drains, that will eliminate any erosion that may occur with water runoff.

In the video above, the client was experiencing erosion from the water runoff from the carport. We were able to implement a system to correct and improve the area.

Steps to Implementing a Downspout Drain for Erosion Control

1. First off, be sure that you are not experiencing a saturation problem. If you are, a french drain may be more appropriate. For a downspout drain to properly function, it should be a localized water runoff situation.

2. Begin digging a trench from the downspout to the area of the yard where you want the pop-up emitter to release the water. This area should be located in a part of the yard that is away from the water source and will not erode the existing landscape.

3. Place a 4-inch corrugated pipe in the trench that you created.

4. If you already have an existing downspout, remove the elbow and attach an appropriately sized pipe to the downspout and then attach it to the corrugated pipe in the trench.

5. Once the downspout pipe is attached to the 4-inch corrugated pipe, attach the pop-up emitter (as shown in the video).

6. Once all pipes have been attached and secured, cover the trench, level and grade the ground.

7. Install landscape fabric and then add a decent bed of gravel.

If you are experiencing erosion in your yard and give us a call today or go visit our website to schedule an estimate!