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September Garden Tips

Can you believe summer is already over? Where did the time go? With Labor Day almost here, it is time to get into gear for fall! While it may not be spring, there is plenty to do during fall to keep you busy in your yard. Please continue reading to learn our September garden tips! […]

How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are the bane to all gardeners’ existence! While they may be pretty beetles with their iridescent bodies, they can wreak havoc on your yard, garden, and flowers. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of Japanese beetles. Where do Japanese beetles come from? Japanese beetles originate from Japan, hence the name! During […]

August Garden Tips

Summer is coming to an end, while hurricane season is ramping up. While the growing season is almost over, there are still plenty of tasks to mark off your list! Continue reading to learn our August Garden Tips! Plan for Fall Planting Fall is right around the corner! In Fayetteville, NC, fall is the best […]

What do Numbers on Fertilizers Mean?

The numbers on the fertilizer bag can be intimidating. What does NPK mean, and why are the percentages significant? Do different plants need different breakdowns? You may be asking, what do numbers of fertilizers mean? Continue reading to learn more about the numbers on fertilizers and how and when to use certain combinations. NPK On […]

July 2023 Garden Tips

July can be one of the most challenging months for your yard. The temperatures are steadily rising, and rain is not as plentiful as it was a few months ago. While this is normal for Fayetteville, NC, keeping your newly sodded lawn and freshly installed plants happy and thriving can still be challenging. Keep reading […]

June Garden Tips

June is here, and so is the rain, which is promptly accompanied by weeds and garden chores. Follow these June Garden Tips to keep your yard in check! Deadhead! Yes, it is that serious. Deadheading is merely the removal of spent blooms. Deadhead all spring flowers. Removing the dead blooms will promote new blooms and […]

Weed Removal & Prevention

By: Tony Penny Hello, My name is Tony Penny. I am the “Assistant Nursery Manager” here at Green Biz. I also function as the “Irrigation Technician” as well as, the “Chemical Technician”. Today I would like to talk to you about “Weeds”. If you have a lawn or a landscape bed, you probably have weeds. They are […]

Azalea Notes

By Bob Parrish Did you know that the word azalea comes from the Greek word dry? Azalea varieties also number over 30,000. Many thousands have been named and developed through countless decades by the Japanese. It has been long thought that azaleas thrive under dry conditions and thus the Southeast is an azalea haven in […]

Are We There Yet?

By Bob Parrish Plants, like people, get confused sometimes. Especially, like when the weather is topsy-turvy. One day it’s 75?F ± and the next day it’s 25?F. Plants have built in mechanics to protect themselves. A lot of times they get overwhelmed by several days of warm weather and then the weather goes sour. All […]

Irrigation System Owners “Start Your Systems!”

By: Bond Jordan It’s spring and time to think about starting up our irrigation systems. We had a cold winter and some systems most likely did not get properly winterized. Be careful if you are turning on your system yourself for the first time this season. Look for leaks on zones and main lines. April […]