Can you believe summer is already over? Where did the time go? With Labor Day almost here, it is time to get into gear for fall! While it may not be spring, there is plenty to do during fall to keep you busy in your yard. Please continue reading to learn our September garden tips!

Prepare for Fall Plantings

Fall is the best time to plant in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our temperatures are much milder, and rain tends to be more adequate. In addition, many trees and shrubs are preparing to go into dormancy for the winter, which means less transplant shock! Begin preparing for your landscape project by completing any demo work. In addition to demo work, be sure to prepare your beds by mixing in compost and soil amendment.

Prepare Houseplants to Come Inside

If you are a plant person, chances are you put some of your houseplants outside to soak up the extra light during the growing season. Now is the time to prepare them for coming back inside. While we still have a couple of weeks of growing season left, you will want to begin inspecting and treating your plants for pests. You do not want to bring any hitchhikers into your home!

Transplant Plant Material

If you have any plants or trees to transplant, September is an excellent time to begin this process. Transplanting can be done from now until February, depending on the plant. We always recommend amending the soil when planting or replanting trees or shrubs. This includes transplanting said shrubs.

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