June is here, and so is the rain, which is promptly accompanied by weeds and garden chores. Follow these June Garden Tips to keep your yard in check!


Yes, it is that serious. Deadheading is merely the removal of spent blooms. Deadhead all spring flowers. Removing the dead blooms will promote new blooms and keep these flowers going strong! Cut deep into the plant and not at the end of the finished bloom. You can pinch the bloom right off for annuals, such as petunias. While it isn’t necessary, it does make the plant look better and promotes new blooms more quickly!

Pests & Fungus

You will begin to see pests and fungi appear in June. Being on the lookout for these infestations is essential, or you may be on the losing end of the battle. Spray for Japanese Beetles as needed and watch for brown spot, a fungus, on tomato leaves. Spray fungicide, if needed. Watch and spray for bagworms, aphids, and mealybugs!

Water, Water, Water

While the beginning of June starts with ample rain, we are usually praying for rain by the end of the month. Remember to water your plants and sod, especially if they are newly installed! You can also add mulch, which works well at retaining moisture and will allow the water to be fully absorbed by the roots.

Weed Control

Be on the lookout for weeds popping up, especially with all the rain we have received! Unfortunately, poison ivy will also be popping up. Be mindful of each weed you touch. You may pull the weeds, use Round-Up, or use a vinegar mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish soap.

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