Summer is coming to an end, while hurricane season is ramping up. While the growing season is almost over, there are still plenty of tasks to mark off your list! Continue reading to learn our August Garden Tips!

Plan for Fall Planting

Fall is right around the corner! In Fayetteville, NC, fall is the best time to plant a new landscape. The temperatures are milder, and rain tends to be more abundant. Use this time to design your next landscape project. Contact Green Biz Nursery and Landscaping now to get your design underway so that you are ready when it is time to plant!

Watch out for Grubs and Moles

If you are noticing tunnels in your yard, chances are you have grubs AND moles. Both of these creatures can wreak havoc on lawns and plants. Grubs serve as a food source for moles. If you can get rid of the food source, chances are you can eliminate the moles. Use a granular grub control to eliminate grubs.

Remove Leaf Debris

With all of the rain that we are getting, it is essential to keep leaf debris away from the base of plants and trees. The high humidity, the overabundance of rain, and organic matter create a hospitable environment for fungus and other diseases. Be sure to periodically clean up around the base of all plant material.

August is a great time to prepare for fall plantings. Since fall and winter are the best times to plant, use this month to get the ground ready, make a design, and scout out where you are going to purchase your plants!

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