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July Garden Tips

July Garden Tips July can be one of the most challenging months for your yard. The temperatures are steadily rising, and rain is not as plentiful as it was a couple of months ago. While this is normal for Fayetteville, NC, keeping your newly sodded lawn and freshly installed plants happy and thriving can still be challenging. Keep reading to learn our July garden tips! Mulch is Your Best Friend If you recently installed new … Continue reading

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What is Transplant Shock?

What is Transplant Shock? Have you ever planted a shrub or tree and noticed yellowing leaves about one week after installation? Did you notice leaf drop? If so, this was probably transplant shock! What is transplant shock? What Causes Transplant Shock? Transplant shock is caused by stress to your plants at the time of installation or movement from its original container. All shrubs and trees, whether small or large, may show signs of transplant shock. … Continue reading

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Rose Rosette Disease

Rose Rosette Disease Rose Rosette Disease has been popping all over town. It is readily identifiable by its characteristics and can make your prettiest rose look like a completely different plant. Continue reading to learn more about Rose Rosette Disease, how to prevent it, and how to get rid of it if your roses have become infected. What is Rose Rosette Disease? Rose Rosette Disease, or better known as Witches’ Broom, is a virus that … Continue reading

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Weed and Feed for Lawns

Weed and Feed for Lawns Let’s face it; everyone wants a lush, carpet-like lawn! The feeling of a soft lawn under your feet in the summertime can bring you back to childhood! But achieving such a lawn can be a daunting task. However, there are a couple of things to start doing now to ensure that you will reach your goal! Weed and Feed and Grub Killer are both vital to a spring lawn. Weed and Feed … Continue reading

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Lawn Maintenance in Fayetteville, NC

Do you need help with Lawn Maintenance in Fayetteville, NC? Home is not always defined by the house itself.  A well-maintained lawn is also important to the over all look and feel of a home. Every homeowner wants to have curb appeal with a beautiful and impressive landscape. It is vital to preform routine lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC to keep your lawn and garden healthy. Whether you’re too busy with work, family, obligations, or … Continue reading

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Weed Removal & Prevention

Letters from Tony “weeds” By: Tony Penny Hello, My name is Tony Penny. I am the “Assistant Nursery Manager” here at Green Biz. I also function as the “Irrigation Technician” as well as, the “Chemical Technician”. Today I would like to talk to you about “Weeds”. If you have a lawn or a landscape bed, you probably have weeds. They are inevitable. They too have a cycle of life. Most of the weeds that you … Continue reading

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