Let’s face it; everyone wants a lush, carpet-like lawn! The feeling of a soft lawn under your feet in the summertime can bring you back to childhood! But achieving such a lawn can be a daunting task. However, there are a couple of things to start doing now to ensure that you will reach your goal! Weed and Feed and Grub Killer are both vital to a spring lawn.

Weed and Feed

It is time to apply Weed & Feed to your lawns! Now that the Dogwoods have bloomed, it is safe to apply. It is essential to apply Weed & Feed when the weeds are actively growing. If you apply Weed and Feed too soon, neither the lawn or weeds will be active, and you will burn your lawn and waste your time and money!

Grub Killer

It is important to also apply a grub killer between April and May. Not only do grubs turn into the pesky insects that eat so many of our beautiful plants, but grubs also serve as a food source for something that is even more annoying than troublesome insects — MOLES! That’s right; if you don’t take care of the grubs, you are serving moles dinner. To help eliminate moles from your yard, remove their food source!

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