Creating Privacy with Nature: The Best Plants for Privacy Screens

In a world where privacy is often at a premium, many homeowners seek refuge in their outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to shield your backyard oasis from prying eyes or create a natural barrier between you and your neighbors, incorporating plants into your landscape design can provide privacy and beauty. Among the plethora of options, […]

February Gardening Tips for Fayetteville, NC

February presents a crucial juncture in the gardening calendar, offering ample opportunities to enrich your garden bed and prepare for the impending spring bloom. Explore these invaluable February gardening tips to optimize your gardening endeavors: Mulching Magic Embrace the protective embrace of mulch or pine straw to shield the delicate roots of your shrubs, trees, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Your Estimate with Green Biz

Embarking on a journey to transform your outdoor space with Green Biz can be an exciting and rewarding experience. To ensure a smooth and successful landscape project, thorough preparation is key. This blog will guide you through the essential steps to best prepare for an estimate with Green Biz. Step 1: Explore and Gather InspirationThe […]

How to start your vegtables from seed indoors

Starting your vegetable seeds indoors is a rewarding and effective way to begin your gardening season. By starting seeds inside, you gain a head start on the growing season, allowing for earlier harvesting and a longer growing period for your plants. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you successfully start your vegetable seeds indoors. 1. […]

Embrace the Winter Charm: January Gardening Tips for Fayetteville, NC

Introduction: As the cold winter air greets Fayetteville, North Carolina, gardeners may find peace and relaxation in tending to their gardens despite the colder temperatures. January may seem like a quiet month for gardening, but there are several tasks and opportunities to ensure a thriving garden when warmer weather arrives. This blog will explore some […]

Winter Gardening Tips for Fayetteville, NC: Nurturing Your Garden in Cooler Months

Introduction: As winter sets in Fayetteville, NC, many gardening enthusiasts may think it’s time to hang up their gardening gloves and wait for the warmer days to return. However, winter gardening can be a rewarding and productive endeavor, even in regions with milder winters like Fayetteville. With some planning and care, you can keep your […]

Essential Winter Care for Your Crepe Myrtle: Ensuring Vibrant Blooms in Spring

Introduction Crepe myrtles are the crown jewels of many Southern landscapes, renowned for their vibrant summer blooms and elegant stature. However, as the colder months approach, these deciduous beauties require specific care to ensure they remain healthy and continue to add splendor to your garden year after year. In this blog, we’ll explore the essential […]

Hardscaping in Winter: Why It’s the Smart Choice

Introduction: Embracing the Off-Season Winter, often overlooked as a time for outdoor projects, is actually an ideal period for hardscape installation. Landscape contractors, traditionally less busy during these colder months, can turn your hardscaping visions into reality with efficiency and attention to detail. 1. Availability of Landscape Contractors Winter is the off-peak season for most […]

Is Mistletoe a Nuisance?

This is the time of year when you can spot mistletoe high up in the treetops! It may be challenging to spot during the spring, summer, and even fall, as the leaves mask the round clusters of mistletoe very well. However, once the leaves drop, you may be surprised what lingers in your trees! Yep! […]

Protecting Your Landscape: Essential Tips for Frosty Nights

Protecting Your Landscape: Essential Tips for Frosty Nights As the seasons shift, those who cherish their outdoor landscapes often encounter the challenge of frosty nights. Frost can be harmful to a variety of landscape plants, particularly the more tender varieties. However, there’s no need for alarm. With proper preparation and care, you can safeguard your […]