A fire pit is a classical element for entertaining, grilling outdoors, and acting as a focal point for your yard. Free standing and built-in pits are two common options. Materials range from stone, concrete, and metal. You can incorporate your pit design into any pre-existing landscape whether included near a garden, water feature, or patio. Make sure the location has plenty of space for the fire pit, walkways, and seating. Consider the backdrop as well: a sweeping landscape, pool area, waterfall, or other landscape element.

Keep in mind your design options based upon the size and location of the pit. There are a few safety precautions and specifications for fire pits and bowls. You may need to install fireproof padding, paving stones, or other fire retardant materials around your design. Check with city ordinances before starting any construction project. Listed below are a few fire pit designs to consider for your landscape:

Round: These are ideal for entertaining and provide an “around the campfire” ambiance. You can incorporate this shape into a pre-existing garden, backyard, or pool deck. A round fire pit can be constructed with stone, brick or any other non-flammable surface.

Fire Hearths: This design is constructed with a simple wall feature as the backdrop and fire hearth in the foreground. You can create the hearth alongside the width of your wall or choose one focal point for semi-circular seating.

Rectangular: A pre-cast long rectangular pit can accommodate more seating and store necessary propane components. While a custom designed fire pit can serve as screening or wall feature. If your yard has a more linear and contemporary design this may be an ideal fire pit choice.

Patina/clay/metal: If you want a design that accommodates a fire container or bowl, consider placing a clay stove or steel brazier on your patio, surrounded by additional seating. There should be at least 1-2 inches of sand at the bottom of your pit or bowl. The bowl itself should be at least fifteen inches deep. These containers are ideal for residences that prefer semi-permanent outdoor fir pits.

Consult with your local landscape designer for any additional questions about specific design and installation inquiries and enjoy the newly renovated space.