It is a common thought that the best time to plant is in the spring. But given our climate in Fayetteville, NC, the optimal time to plant is in the fall! Continue reading to learn why fall is the best time to plant!

Better for the Plants

Planting in the fall is better for the plants! Typically in the fall, we have more rain and milder temperatures. Fall in Fayetteville, NC supplies the right temperatures and adequate amounts of rain to lessen the stress on plants!

Plants are Going into Dormancy

During the fall, trees and shrubs are preparing for winter. Deciduous trees begin to drop their leaves, and coniferous trees lose a few needles. In doing this, the trees are preparing for the colder months ahead. When trees and shrubs go into dormancy, they do not require as much care and water! Again, this lessens the stress of the plant.

Easier on the Homeowner

Planting in the fall is much easier on the homeowner! When you plant in the fall, the trees and shrubs require less water! This means less time spent outside watering your plants. On the flip side, when you plant in the summer, you are more than likely watering every day, if not twice a day! Simply put, planting in the fall saves the homeowner time and money!

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