There are so many myths about lawn care shared between neighbors. We want to shed some light on commonly misunderstood information.

My neighbor’s lawn is full of weeds; my yard is just going to grow the weeds too.

By adequately fertilizing, using weed control applications and mowing correctly, you do not have to fall victim to those weeds. Your good habits will show on your lawn, and you do not need to worry about what your neighbors’ lawn care habits are.

Not collecting lawn clippings leads to thatch.

Thatch occurs in any lawn whether you bag clippings or not. Thatch is caused by low pH levels compacted soil or missing nutrients. Frequent mowing with a mulching blade will bring back organic matter and invite the beneficial microorganisms your lawn needs.

The pH of my soil is ok without adding lime.

The soil of the Sandhills Area in North Carolina is very acidic. Using lime will help maintain a pH of 6-6.5 which is the optimal growing condition for grass. Not sure what your pH level is?  Stop by your favorite local garden center as ask for a soil sample test kit.

The best way to water my lawn is by hand.

Said no one ever! Lawns need to have a good root system to survive the summer heat of North Carolina. Lawn care requires approximately 20 minutes of watering at least three times a week. Use a sprinkler or irrigation system to water during the dawn morning hours. Mid-day watering will evaporate quickly while late-night dosings will create growing conditions for fungus.  

If I cut my grass very short, I won’t need to mow it often.

Short grass may lower the times you need to cut your grass, but you are also preventing your grassroots from establishing. Grass kept at roughly 3” in length will allow shade for the roots and photosynthesis to feed itself.

Just go to the home improvement store and get weed killer that will get rid of weeds quickly.

The best way to control weeds is to keep your lawn thick and healthy. Dense grass will block the sunlight needed for weeds to grow.

All you need to do is just water your grass, and it will turn green again.

If your lawn is more than 50 percent dead grass, it’s best to start over with fresh seed. Unfortunately, just watering won’t solve the problem. It’s best to find out first what caused the grass to die so it won’t happen again.  You will want to pull out the grass, till the soil and reseed.

You have mushrooms growing, just pull them out your yard by hand.

Mushrooms are quite a pest and hard to get rid of. Mushrooms grow well in standing water so if you have them check the drainage of your soil. Do you have a broken sprinkler or irrigation system causing pooling water? Fix the drainage problem, and you will likely get rid of the mushrooms.

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