Winter landscapes are the perfect time to get a good sense of your hardscape layout. As the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the fall flowers are cut back, we can see more prominent plant structures in our landscape designs.


Statues, trellises, benches, and arbors stand out from where they have once been adorned with flowers and grasses. Even though old man winter has come in, we can still make our outdoor spaces a feast for the eyes.  Create an inviting winter landscape by adding a fire pit and textiles. Put up strings of lights, candy canes or ornaments. Don’t forget to select some winter plants.

Winter Plant Selections

At your local garden centers, you are likely to find a better variety of plants, shrubs, and trees indigenous to your area. Look for plants like burning bushes, winterberry holly, and Pyracantha to bring berries into your winter landscapes. Not only will the berries add color to your garden but you will be feeding the winter birds.

Evergreens provide a sense of structure and textures. The name evergreen might be deceiving to the novice gardener. Evergreen shrubs come in an assortment of colors.  Shrubs such as golden mops (green to yellow hues), blue dwarf spruce (blue-green color) and of course the traditional green such as Arborvitaes.



Take a moment to fill a planter with various evergreen trimmings, colorful berry sprays, seed pods, and branches. You can add in other holiday items such as ribbons, or Christmas ornaments.

Create a space you want to enjoy. Nothing is better than a place we can make memories with family and friends.