Looking for the dirt on how to enhance your landscaping this summer? You have come to the right place. Summer is a great time to touch up outdoor areas and add an extension to your living areas. Here is a look at some great and simple ways to get the beautification you are looking for!

Get Green with Foliage:

Foliage is a great way to give your outdoor space a subtle color choice while adding a sense of fullness. Every outdoor space does not need a rainbow of colors, especially if that is not your personal taste. Foliage can be used as an alternative to flowers or be added in with your already colorful gardens. For that lush look you aspire to have, you can mix varieties of elephant ears, boxwood, and sun-tolerant coleus for an outstanding look from summer to fall.

Green foliage offers great texture but is available in a variety of colors that display all season — even all year, long after the blooms have fallen away.

Stop and Smell the Roses:

One of the most fulfilling additions to a garden is having that fresh fragrance that can be detected the moment you walk outside. There are many flowers that bring a great attraction of scent to a garden, not only in the day but also at night. Some great options for fragranced plants would be roses, honeysuckle, phlox, butterfly bushes, peony, and dianthus. These are just a few out of many great options that will bring a scent that is lasting and brings the floral aroma that every candle tries to copy.

Add Design:

There are no limitations to design elements to an outdoor living space. While flowers will bring color, there are other tricks to the trade. Great options to add structure would be boxwood hedges. Hedges bring foliage to colorful plants and also provide an all year round look. Hedges aren’t for everyone with their box-like look, so options like small trees or types of topiary would be a great addition to a home. There are no limitations to your outside space.

Check out a great topiary idea!

Let There Be Light:

Greenery is ideal for the summer, but what about when the summer night takes over? Enjoying your outdoor space does not just need to be during the day, so consider some outdoor lighting. Adding some unique lighting to highlight flower beds, gardens, and walkways is a smart addition. Lights can be hidden within rocks, in beds, or be used as a lighted walkway. Spotlights can be used to direct eyes towards your favorite plants or lanterns can have a multipurpose of not only decoration but also for overhead night lighting. Additionally, lighting can be used to light up steps or multiple areas of your hardscaping. Enjoy summer just a little longer each day with landscape lighting.

Water Features:

Peacefulness is at a peak when it comes to adding water features. Adding ponds or fountains is a landscaping element that would not be a regret. Even if a big water feature is not what you seek, smaller features make a big impact. Bird baths are just a small start to the phenomenal appeal to water features. Even the most simple design will look lavish to any bystander, making a great focal point to any landscape.

Bring the Buzz:

Who isn’t amazed by the beauty of bees, birds, and butterflies within their garden? Wildlife adds a unique feel and beauty to a garden, so mixed plants that are rich in nectar or pollen will really bring the buzz to your outdoors. For example, butterflies favor wild basil and violet and bees love hyssop or yarrow plants. Making small additions to your outdoor space bring beauty in big ways, even when we think it will not make a big difference.

Follow the above tips to elevate your summer outdoor experience. Landscaping can be a do it yourself project or be used just as a fun hobby. However, if you aren’t sure if you have the time do landscaping adjustments, call a professional to assist in creating your backyard oasis. Green Biz Nursery and Landscaping is a family owned, local, Fayetteville, North Carolina business that will suit all landscaping needs. For over 30 years, they have transformed hundreds of properties. If you are interested in getting a free estimate, contact us today or visit our webpage. One call does it all.