Many homeowners are surprised to learn that spring is not the best season to landscape your yard. While spring is a good time to plant, it isn’t the best season. In Fayetteville, NC the fall season is the mildest in temperatures and provides the most consistent rain. Continue reading to learn the top reasons to plant in the fall.

You Can Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

When installing plants in the spring and summer, many of the plants have already bloomed. This means you may miss the beauty of the installed plants. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next spring to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, if you install plants in the fall, they have a chance to get acclimated to the new soil and will be ready to put on a show in the spring!

Plants Are Dormant

All plants go into dormancy in the winter, so they require less from you! Additionally, since the plants are dormant, they will not go through transplant shock.

More Rainfall

The fall and winter months typically provide more consistent rainfall. More consistent rainfall means less watering required by the homeowner! However, it should be noted that newly installed plants must be watered, even if planted in the fall or winter. So, if nature does not provide enough water, the homeowner must keep the plants watered.

Fewer Insects and Diseases

Because the temperatures are cooler and the plants are dormant, there is a decreased risk of insects and diseases attacking your plants.

Roots Have Time to Settle

Planting in the fall and winter allows the plant’s root system to acclimate to its new home, soil, and conditions. This allows the plant to focus on growing once spring arrives.

Shorter Wait Time

If you have a landscape installed by Green Biz in the fall or winter, the wait time will be shorter. There is always a spring rush, which means a little wait time. Everyone gets the spring fever to beautify their yards. Planting in the fall cuts that wait time down!

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