Don’t let the shady areas in your yard make you feel defeated! It is an excellent opportunity to bring in some lush plants to fill in the space. Continue reading to learn Jane’s recommendations for shade-loving plants!


Mahonias come in several varieties, some being smaller growers, while others grow to 3-4 feet. While mahonias can differ in size, they are all evergreens, which means they will stay green all year long. Known for their yellow flower, Mahonias provide winter color to your landscape.

Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron Plant is a lush, broad-leafed, evergreen plant that works exceptionally well in groupings. Cast Iron Plants grow vertically and can reach about 3 feet tall. Its deep green leaves provide a modern look to any landscape.

Spider’s Web Fatsia

The Spider’s Web Fatsia possesses a large leaf that resembles an open hard. This variety of fatsia offers variegation to the leaf, displaying white and green. All fatsia are evergreen shrubs.

Variegated Liriope

Variegated liriope is a plant that is commonly seen plant along sidewalks and landscape edges. This border plant is usually planted in full sun; however, it can also handle part shade! The variegation of this plant offers color to any landscape.

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