Screening Tree Materials

Welcome to Green Biz Nursery & Landscaping, the leading wholesale nursery in Fayetteville, Spring Lake, Hope Mills, Raeford and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a professional landscaper, a retail business, or a dedicated home gardener, our nursery is dedicated to meeting all your plant and tree needs. We are proud to offer an extensive selection of top-tier screening trees, including Green Giant, American Holly, and Wax Myrtle. Each tree is expertly cultivated to ensure optimal growth and performance in your landscape projects. Begin your screening and privacy tree projects with our team of experts at Green Biz Nursery & Landscaping!

Trust Green Biz Nursery & Landscaping to be your partner in creating a lush, private, and beautiful environment with our premium screening trees. Visit us today to see how our trees can transform your space into a secluded haven.

Our Popular Screening Tree Materials

  • Green Giant: Perfect for fast-growing privacy screens due to its towering height and dense foliage.
  • Ligustrum Recurve: Ideal for creating structured, low-maintenance hedges with its thick, glossy leaves.
  • American Holly: Offers year-round interest with its vibrant red berries and glossy green foliage, excellent for privacy and ornamental use.
  • Nellie R. Stevens Holly: Distinguished by its robust growth and dense, pyramidal form, making it perfect for privacy hedges.
  • Wax Myrtle: Known for its aromatic foliage and resilience, great for natural screens and attracting wildlife.

We offer a variety of other trees and plants suited for different landscaping needs. Visit our garden center or contact us today to learn more!

Choose Green Biz Nursery & Landscaping for Your Screening Tree Needs

  • Tailored Selection: We offer a diverse range of screening trees, including Green Giant, American Holly, Nellie R. Stevens Holly, Ligustrum Recurve, and Wax Myrtle. Each variety has been chosen for its growth habits, foliage density, and ability to thrive in local conditions, ensuring you get the perfect match for your specific needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you select, plant, and care for your screening trees. We provide personalized advice based on years of experience and deep understanding of horticultural best practices.
  • Quality and Health: Every tree at our nursery is nurtured from sapling to maturity with meticulous care, ensuring robust health and vigor. We guarantee that our trees are disease-free and ready to thrive in your landscape.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are committed to sustainable landscaping solutions that respect the environment. Our trees are grown using practices that enhance biodiversity, improve soil health, and conserve water.
  • Long-Term Support: Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end after the sale. We offer ongoing support and maintenance tips to ensure your trees grow strong and healthy, providing beauty and privacy for years to come.

Words from our Customers

“I love this nursery. I have been there multiple times over the years. This place is huge and they have pretty much you could ask for. The staff was friendly and helpful.”