Repurposing and reusing have gained quite a bit of traction in the last couple of years. There is something about being able to repurpose an item, which is great for both your checking account and the environment. Continue reading to learn more about repurposing in your landscape.

Walk Ways

If you recently had a concrete parking pad redone, you may be left with some broken, useless concrete. That useless concrete can easily be made into a sidewalk or pathway within your landscape.

Retaining and Landscape Walls

Have you ever seen a landscape wall made out of old wooden utility poles? It can be done! What a great cost-effective way to create a landscape or retaining wall in your yard. Other times, such as larger PVC pipes and old spilled-rale fences can be used to create a landscape wall, too!

Soaker Hose

Do you have an old hose lying around? Turn it into a soaker hose by punching holes throughout the hose. Be sure to use a threaded cap on the end.  Use this hose in your garden to water those newly installed plants!

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