After a very eventful summer and active hurricane season, many homeowners have a lot of yard work to do. For many, attacking yard work can be a bit overwhelming! Here are some easy tips for post storm clean up and fall gardening tasks!

Safety First

When surveying your yard in preparation for yard clean-up (and especially after a storm), be sure to assess any safety issues. For example, if a limb is on a power line or if a limb is barely hanging from a tree, it may be unsafe to work in that area. Be mindful of the situation and address the issue safely.

Make Three Piles

When collecting debris, create three piles. Create one pile for construction, one pile for vegetation, and one pile for garbage. This will help you or yard waste management easily and quickly dispose of the items. Be sure to place this piles in the designated areas and away from fire hydrants and mailboxes.

Think Big to Small, High to Low

When beginning the actual clean up process, attack the debris from big to small and high to low. For example, if you have a large dead branch that is continually dropping leaves where you just raked, you may want to remove the branch before gathering leaves and debris. Work smarter, not harder!

Check for Damaged Plants

Check your yard and garden for damaged branches. When pruning the dead branch, prune at an angle. When you locate disease, dispose of the contaminated plant material in the proper location, as you do not want to infect other plants.

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