Fall has arrived, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! The cool, crisp air is here, and the leaves are beginning to change. The scent of pumpkin-flavored everything has filled our homes. There is plenty to do during this season to keep us busy outside. Continue reading to learn our October gardening tips.

Fall is for Planting!

Fall is the best time to plant in Fayetteville, NC! The temperatures are milder, and the rain is more regular. This combo reduces the risk of transplant shock. Reducing this risk decreases the risk of losing your newly planted tree or shrub.

Perennial Time

Now that spring and summer have left, it is time to allow your perennials to go to sleep. Since perennials come back year after year, a little upkeep must be performed to ensure they come back healthy. After the first frost, you will need to cut back your perennials to the ground. Once you have cut them back, place mulch or pine straw on top to help insulate the roots.

Bring Houseplants Inside

If you are a houseplant collector, chances are you placed some of them outdoors during the growing season to allow them to generate more growth. If this is the case, you will need to prepare them to come indoors. Inspect each plant for insects and pests. While doing so, wipe down the plants to clean their leaves. Remove debris from the soil line and add a systemic insecticide to the soil line.

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