It is crucial to plant trees and shrubs that are native to your area. It is vital for the wildlife, as the native plants provide shelter, and is essential for the pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. There are so many benefits to planting native trees. Continue reading to learn about some native trees of North Carolina!

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbuds can be seen growing in the forest and along highways throughout much of North Carolina. Redbuds are known for their tiny bright pink or purple flowers that bloom right on the branches. Redbuds typically are among some of the early bloomers in North Carolina.

Fringe Tree

Another native tree known for its flowers is the Fringe Tree. This tree’s flowers come after the tree has leafed out, which is the opposite of the Redbud, whose flowers bloom before the leaves unfurl. The Fringe Tree produces white flowers that resemble fringe on a piece of clothing.

Tulip Poplar

The Tulip Poplar is a large tree growing to be 90 feet tall. This tree also has flowers, but unlike the previously listed trees, the Tulip Poplar’s flowers are not its strong point. The Tulip Poplar is known for its large and beautifully shaped leaves and its ability to provide an abundance of shade.

Red Buckeye

The Red Buckeye produces beautiful magenta flowers that bloom in mid-April. This tree grows to be 10-20 feet high and wide. The Red Buckeye gets its name from the nut that it produces. This nut is toxic to humans if consumed.

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