Putting down mulch in Fayetteville NC is an important step for any garden.

Mulch has many benefits. Mulch helps prevent weeds, retains moisture, prevents soil erosion and gives your garden a finished look. Proper mulch application is important to the overall health of plants, trees and shrubs. Mulch should be applied 2-4 inches deep. There are many varieties of mulch in Fayetteville NC. Shredded bark is a common type of mulch, and can be the least expensive option. Straw and pine needles can also be used as a type of mulch in Fayetteville NC. Cocoa Hull Mulch looks beautiful, but can be expensive. Gravel, river rocks, rubber or plastic can also be used as a type of mulch in Fayetteville NC.

At Green Biz Nursery we provide a variety of mulches from which to choose. We can help you pick out the best mulch in Fayetteville NC for your garden. We can also put mulch down for you, and provide any other landscaping services you may need. Our services are available for both residential and commercial customers.

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