Spring is finally here! Living in North Carolina means we get to experience a true spring. The days are warm, and the nights are cool – the perfect combination! Since it is warming up, it is time to get outside and tackle your yard! Continue reading to learn our May gardening tips!

Herbs & Vegetables

Now that we have passed the threat of freezes and frosts, it is safe to plant your herbs and vegetables! If you are creating a vegetable garden, be sure to amend the soil with a nutrient-rich compost or soil amendment. We recommend using Daddy Pete’s or Black Kow Compost Manure. Both brands will give your soil the nutrients that the vegetable and herbs need to yield a bountiful harvest!

Don’t Forget the Mulch!

Mulching your yard has multiple benefits. First, mulch adds the finishing touch to your landscape. After plants are installed, adding a top dressing of the mulch of your choice is the final piece of the puzzle! Second, mulch provides a layer that soaks up water. This added layer of moisture can help your plants combat the high temperatures during the summer.

Insect Control

With warmer weather comes insects! Inspecting your vegetables, trees, and shrubs for insects is essential, as they can be challenging to control once there is an infestation. If you notice insect activity, you can use a natural option. Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent option for vegetables.


Deadheading your annuals and perennials during the growing season helps the plants produce more blooms. You can deadhead by merely pinching the spent flowers between your fingers or using small pruners. In addition to aiding the plant in creating more blooms, it also makes your plant look much healthier!

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