Are you frusturated with lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC?

Many people want to have a great looking lawn. It can be  frustrating when you see brown spots or any other issues making your grass looks less then perfect. You may be wondering, “why is this happening?” or “what am I doing wrong.” There are several reason why your grass may be dying.

Drought: Lack of rainfall or irrigation can cause grassy lawns to go into a dormant state. To properly water a lawn, apply the equivalent of 1″ of rainfall per week and water in the early morning.

Insects and Disease: Lawn insects and disease can cause various patterns of discoloration and browning. Correct diagnosis is essential for treatment which may include the use of fungicides or insecticides.

Over Watering: Over watering is bad for your lawn’s health and can contribute to the development of fungus and disease, turning your lawn brown.

Fertilizer: Make sure the spreader is calibrated correctly and is being used properly. Too much fertilizer can turn your lawn brown, by burning it.

Poor Soil: Roots can’t penetrate and fail to establish if you have poor soil. Check with your local garden center for ways to improve your soil quality.

Mowing: Cutting your lawn too short could burn the lawn. You should mow no more than 2 inches from the ground.

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