Lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC should be done year-round to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

There are steps you can take now to prepare your lawn for spring.
– Remove Debris: Rake away the debris from the fall and winter months, including leaves and sticks. This will give you a fresh start for the spring. Raking has the added benefit of loosening the surface of the soil, encouraging good airflow.
– Tune-up the lawn mower: Now is the perfect time to tune-up your lawn mower. A lawn mower tune-up includes changing the filter, changing the oil and replacing the spark plug. It is recommended that you change the oil and spark plug once every season. You can purchase a mower maintenance kit to help make lawn mower tune-ups easier.
– Garden tool maintenance: It is important to take good care of your gardening tools. Keep your tools cleaned and sharpened so they are ready to use come spring. Cleaning can prevent rust. It can also keep diseases, fungi, insect eggs, and weed seeds from being unintentionally spread around the garden. You can also prevent rust on steel tool heads by applying motor oil. Sharpening your tools will ensure they are working properly.

Take these steps for lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC now and you’ll be ready for spring. Spring lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC will involve fertilizing, mowing, planting and more. Having your lawn clear and your tools ready will make it much easier to perform any spring lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC tasks.

Lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC can be time consuming. Lawn maintenance can be difficult for the elderly or those who just don’t have the time. If you want a beautiful and healthy lawn and garden, but just can’t perform lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC yourself, contact us today! Here at Green Biz Nursery we provide a variety of services, including landscaping, grounds management and irrigation.

Let Green Biz Nursery help you with lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC.