It is important to take care of lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC during the Fall.

There is plenty to be done when it come to lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC before winter. Fall is the perfect time to spruce up your lawn and garden and prepare for Spring and Summer.

Lawn Aeration- Aerating your lawn ensures lush, green grass year-round. Lawn aeration brings oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to grass roots. Lawn aeration pulls 2- to 8-inch soil “plugs” out of the ground, leaving holes that allow water, air, and nutrients to reach grass roots, and lets new seed develop in a cool, damp environment.

Fertilizer- Fall is the best time to repair summer damage to your lawn. Take steps now to guarantee a beautiful lawn come Spring. Fall brings back ideal conditions for your lawn. Your lawn is looking for the nutrients it needs to recover from summer damage. Apply your final feeding right before the winter months. This will strengthen roots and increase nitrogen storage for an early spring green up and a healthier lawn next year.

Leaf Removal- Many homeowners rake their leaves, but this is the most labor-intensive method. If you have to rake, make sure you’re careful not to over exert yourself and hurt your back. Blowing your leaves with a leaf blower can be an easier option.  Blow your leaves from your yard and garden into a large pile on a tarp. You can then move the tarp roadside for pickup. Another option is to mulch your leaves. Mow your yard, but keep chopped leaves on the grass for fertilizer or use the leaves in compost for the spring.

Composting- Fall is a great time to start compost that will be ready to use in the spring and summer. Good compost requires nitrogen (kitchen scraps), carbon (yard waste), oxygen and water. Compost is beneficial in potting soil, mulch, base soil for vegetable gardens and more. You can build your own compost bin or purchase one. Compost can include leaves, eggshells, coffee grounds, grass clippings, fruit scraps and vegetable scraps.

Planting- Many people think of Spring for planting, but Fall is really an opportune time to plant veggies, grass, bulbs, trees and shrubs. That is why we consider planting another must-do for lawn maintenance in Fayetteville NC.

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