2020 was quite the year for real estate, and 2021 has been no different. Many people have decided to sell their homes as it has been quite lucrative to do so. However, selling a property comes with some basic work, like sprucing up your yard to maximize curb appeal. Continue reading to learn the basics of landscaping to sell your home.

Framing Your Driveway

As Jane says, “Just as you frame your front door, you must frame your driveway or the entrance to your property.” Framing your driveway creates curb appeal that will make your house more appealing to any potential buyers. The curb appeal draws the buyers into your property! If your yard is well cared for, it is assumed by buyers that your home will be well cared for, too! So how do you frame your driveway? There are four key elements to remember when landscaping the entrance to your home.


When framing your driveway, be sure to use height. Plant taller shrubs on both sides of the driveway, creating a balanced and symmetrical look. When installing the plant material, plant in groups of three. Using odd numbers is more appealing to the eye than even numbers because the grouping of three forces your eyes to absorb the entire grouping instead of each individual plant.

Ground Cover

Ground covers are plants that creep along the floor of the landscape bed. Instead of growing in an upward fashion, ground covers grow outward. Ground covers are multi-faceted. Creeping plants, such as Blue Rug and Blue Star Junipers, provide color, texture, and fill space within the landscape.


Using texture within landscapes breaks up the monotony of an otherwise green landscape. It is akin to using pillows on our couch or a rug to break up the drab colors of a living room. The same applies to a landscape. Boulders or statuary work well in this role.


Color can also be a great way to break up a landscape. This element can be applied with the use of perennial and annual flowers and variegated plants. Framing your driveway is imperative when creating curb appeal. Remember selling your home starts with selling your yard first.

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