It’s time for fall landscaping in Fayetteville NC!

The fall season is upon us, which means beautiful fall foliage. Unfortunately, those beautiful fall colors don’t stay on the trees for long. Pretty soon the leaves will be all over your yard! Fall landscaping in Fayetteville NC means leaf removal, but it doesn’t have to be back-breaking or exhausting.  Below are some landscaping in Fayetteville NC tips for leaf removal.

Many homeowners rake their leaves, but this is the most labor-intensive method. If you have to rake, make sure you’re careful not to over exert yourself and hurt your back. Blowing your leaves with a leaf blower can be an easier option.  Blow your leaves from your yard and garden into a large pile on a tarp. You can then move the tarp roadside for pickup. If you bag your leaves, do not use plastic bags. Plastic bags cannot be recycled. Be sure to use bio-degradable trash bags to collect leaves for pickup. Another option for fall landscaping in Fayetteville NC is to mulch your leaves. Mow your yard, but keep chopped leaves on the grass for fertilizer or use the leaves in compost for the spring. Mulching or composting recycles a natural resource, giving you rich soil for free!

One fun option is to use some of the leaves for fall decor! You can purchase pumpkin leaf bags and fill them with leaves for a fun Halloween decoration!

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