There are many different styles of landscaping in Fayetteville NC.

Landscaping in Fayetteville NC adds to the beauty and character of any home. A landscaped front yard adds curb appeal, while a landscaped backyard is great for family and friends to enjoy. Landscaping in Fayetteville NC can include trees, shrubs, flowers,  ponds, walkways and more. When considering landscaping in Fayetteville NC it’s important to think about what style you like best and what style will work best with the overall look of the home. Landscaping in Fayetteville NC can be formal, which is all about straight lines, symmetry and precision. Landscaping can also be informal, which is the exact opposite. Landscape design styles include:

Mediterranean Style: Mediterranean landscaping in Fayetteville NC includes Tuscan, Spanish, French and Southwestern design.

Traditional Style: Traditional landscaping in Fayetteville NC includes Colonial or English Garden styles.

Tropical Style: Tropical landscaping in Fayetteville NC includes Asian or Coastal styles.

Modern Style: Modern or contemporary landscaping in Fayetteville NC is a newer trend in landscape design.

Green Biz Nursery is the leader in landscaping in Fayetteville NC. We have experience and expertise with all landscape design styles. Green Biz Nursery is family owned and operated. Our experienced and professional staff is available for landscape design and build, irrigation installation and repair, and grounds management. Green Biz Nursery also has over 120 acres of shrubs, bushes and trees. Green Biz Nursery can offer landscaping in Fayetteville NC for both residential and commercial properties.

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