A landscaper in Fayetteville NC can install patios & walkways at your home.

A walkway or patio can add curb appeal and make your outdoor space more enjoyable. There are many different building materials to choose from.

Flagstone – Flagstone is a sedimentary rock, available in red, blue or buff. Flagstones irregular shape gives a lot of opportunity for design. Flagstone is durable and low maintenance; however it can be more expensive then other options.

Clay Brick – Brick is popular among homeowners because of its versatility. You can lay brick in a variety of patterns. Brick is durable, and individual damaged bricks are easy to replace.

Patio Pavers – Pavers come in a variety of forms, including natural stone, concrete, clay and even recycled plastics. It’s important to have a stable foundation when installing patio pavers, so they don’t slip over time. Patio pavers are also versatile and can be place in many different patterns.

Concrete – Concrete can be one of less expensive options, and is very durable. Since poured concrete can follow any form, it offers unlimited design options.

Gravel – If you’re looking for quick and easy, gravel is the way to go. Gravel also offers better drainage then other materials. Gravel does shift, and it not as stable to walk on, or rest furniture on, as other materials.

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