Tips from a landscaper in Fayetteville NC about using coffee grounds in your garden!

Coffee grounds are a source of nitrogen, calcium and other minerals that are beneficial to plant growth. Below are some ways to use coffee grounds in your garden.

Some flowering plants, like hydrangeas, change color depending on the pH level of the soil. The acidic soil produces blue flowers, and neutral to alkaline soil produces pink flowers. Add used grounds to reduce the pH level and get blue flowers!

Mix used grounds with the seeds before you plant vegetables to help keep pests and bugs away and increase your harvest.

Add them to your compost for a boost of nitrogen plants love.

Mix some soil, used grounds and worms. Add the mixture around your plants and the worms will aerate and turn the soil.

Used coffee grounds will benefit our garden’s soil in so many ways. When you add them to your garden be careful not to over or under-use them. Most importantly make sure you are using used grounds and not fresh.