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July Garden Tips

July Garden Tips

July can be one of the most difficult months in your yard. The temperatures are steadily rising, and rain is not as plentiful as it was a couple of months ago. While this is normal for Fayetteville, NC, it can still be challenging to keep your newly sodded lawn and freshly installed plants happy and thriving. Keep reading to learn our July garden tips!

Mulch is Your Best Friend

If you recently installed new plants in your garden, it is essential to ensure that they are receiving adequate water. Mulching newly installed plants (and existing plants for that matter) aids in water retention! When it rains, the mulch absorbs the water and can act as a small reservoir for the plant’s root ball.

Invest in a Rain Gauge

Those afternoon thunderstorms may seem like they provide enough water your sod, but they can be deceiving — especially with the sweltering sun and the power of evaporation! Investing in a rain gauge can give you an accurate measure of the amount of rain that fell.

Irrigation Systems

Summer is the prime time to have an irrigation system installed. Imagine taking the guesswork out of watering! No need to remember to turn off your sprinkler! Irrigation systems take all of the stress out of watering. With a system time clock and control panel, we set the appropriate days and times for watering. When installing new systems, we also ensure that all heads are properly working and spraying at the right angles.

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