In a world of hustle and bustle and lackluster produce, there is something so magical about being able to walk out your back door and eat fresh fruit! Blueberries, one of the most popular edible fruits, are extremely easy to grow in Fayetteville, NC. As such, it never hurts to do your research before planting! Continue reading to get the 411 on how to plant blueberry bushes!

Two Different Varieties

When selecting blueberry bushes, it is important to know what varieties you are purchasing. Each variety has a different bloom time and a different pollination requirement. To produce fruit, some varieties require a cross-pollinator. The blueberry bush will need a different variety and a compatible cross-pollinator to produce fruit. You may also find a blueberry variety that is self-pollinating! If this is the case, we still recommend planting another self-pollinating blueberry next to its mate, as these two bushes will produce more fruit!

Amend the Soil

Since the soil in Fayetteville, NC lacks nutrients, it is essential to use a soil amendment when planting your blueberries. We recommend using Black Kow Cow Manure or pine nuggets. Specifically, pine nuggets will increase the acidity of the soil, which blueberries love! When installing your blueberry bushes, dig a hole that is 1.5 times the size of the pot. Create a mixture that is half of the old soil and half of the soil amendment that you have selected. Be sure to thoroughly water in the newly installed plants.

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