Weeds can be unsightly and unruly at times. In this video, Jane describes some steps to take to help prevent and get rid of those unwanted weeds. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of winter weeds in your lawn.


The best way to get rid of weeds is to stop them before they even emerge. The best solution to achieve this is to use a pre-emergent. Pre-emergents typically come in granular form and be spread with a hand spread or walk-behind spreader. Pre-emergents should be applied in early spring. For Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas, we recommend the end of February or the beginning to middle of March.


If weeds have already emerged from the soil, post-emergent is your best bet. Post-emergent can come in a variety of forms – spray and granular. The most common spray forms of post-emergents are spot treatment sprays, also known as Round-Up. When using a spray form, only spray where the weed is. Post-emergents spot treatmeants, while effective, will kill everything it touches. Also, be mindful of the wind!

A more forgiving post-emergent that we recommend is Image. Image is a broadleaf weed killer that can be sprayed on most southern grasses. This post-emergent only acts upon the weeds and not the grass. Always read the directions when using any herbicide.

Another form of post-emergent weed killer can be a simple weed and feed. When using this form, be sure to use it on the recommended grasses and during the recommended time frame. Most weed and feeds will have a guide on the back on when and how to apply.

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