Without proper drainage, water can build up excessively, leaving pools of water in the low spots of an area. A French Drain can reroute the flow of water in an area with water build up issues.

What is a French Drain?

A French Drain is a sloped trench filled with gravel and a pipe that diverts water away from your house.

These drains provide a path that diverts pooling water away.  This drain will alleviate potential water damages to your home or property. We can divert water to a low lying area of your property, a grassy slope with an excessive amount of sunlight to absorb high water content, a drainage ditch, dry wells or even the street.

How does it work?

In times of heavy rainfall, downhill areas can flood and be subject to a considerable amount of damage. French Drains are a simple solution to take water pooling in a higher elevation and provide it an exit point to eliminate build up. A French Drain is made up of a trench and gravel.

    • Drain Field: The high end of a French Drain where excess groundwater enters the drain pipes
    • Drain Exit: The lowest point where water leaves the system and exits away from your home.

Why do you need it?

Good drainage is essential to ensure a home stays dry and your yard is not soggy and soft. If you have too much-standing water, you will very likely experience many water-related issues.

Water flows on the easiest route and more often than not, on a downhill slope.  Just as gutters collect water as it runs off your roof, French Drains collect water at the ground level of your home.