After spending money on a landscape project, it is important to protect and take care of your investment. Jame walks you through the process of Fertilizing at Home and the different forms of fertilizer available.

Types of Fertilizer When Fertilizing at Home

Fertilizer can be confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for! James discusses two types of fertilizer in this video — Slow Release and Quick Release.

When Should I Fertilize?

Slow release fertilizer should be applied once a year. The most appropriate month for a slow release fertilizer to be applied to plant material is April. Quick release fertilizer should be applied in April, June, and August.

Which Form Should I Use?

Choosing the correct form of fertilizer can be confusing. Typically, you want to choose the form that works well for your yard and the plant material. For example, if you have animals, liquid fertilizer may be best, as dogs and cats may ingest the granular form.


Before applying fertilizer, determine the drip edge of the plant or tree. To determine the drip edge, locate the branch that extends outward the most and go directly down to the soil. Take this point and go around the tree. The drip edge is the area where water will fall from the trip or plant into the ground. Apply the fertilizer in this area to maximize the effect. Once the fertilizer has been applied, be sure to water it in.

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