Pruning your fruit trees is an important task to complete before the fruit trees begin to bud. Continue reading to learn the importance of early spring fruit tree pruning and how to prune correctly!

Begin with Clean Pruners

The first step in early spring fruit tree pruning is to gather the proper tools. Depending on the size of the tree, you can use hand pruners or shears. Once you have selected the appropriate cutting tool, disinfect your tools carefully. Alcohol wipes are best for this task, as they will kill all bacteria and viruses, thus keeping your trees healthy and disease free!

Prune the Suckers

Trees often have suckers growing from the bottom of the trunk or even from the soil line. Suckers are unnecessary growth that emerge from the tree’s root ball. If kept, suckers could potentially rob your tree of nutrients and stunt the overall growth of the tree. Therefore, as an essential step in early spring fruit tree pruning and a vital step to preventing the divergence of nutrients, it is imperative to prune the suckers from the tree as soon as you notice them.

Shape the Tree

The next step involves shaping the tree. Depending on the size of the tree, you may need a ladder or a long-reach pruner. Please always use caution and have a spotter when using a ladder. When pruning branches, it is essential to consider the overall shape of the tree, in addition to how the tree will handle the weight of the fruit. Make short cuts after the buds. Step back after each cut to ensure you are shaping the tree nicely.

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