December is the time when we reflect on the passing year. It also serves as a time reserved for planning and preparation for the upcoming gardening season. While there may not be much to do outdoors, some questions must be answered! Continue reading to learn our December gardening tips!

Is fertilizing during the winter months necessary?

Many homeowners wonder if it is necessary to fertilize during the winter months. The answer to the much-asked questions is no; fertilization is unnecessary during this time. Many of the plants have gone into dormancy by December. This means they are not actively growing and do not require as much as they do during the growing season. Therefore, fertilizing during this time of year would be a waste of time and money.

What can I propagate during the winter?

Now is the best time to propagate hardwood shrubs. This includes forsythia, quince, hydrangea, weigela, and holly. You will need to keep the cutting indoors or in a greenhouse to ensure they are warm enough to root.

If you are a houseplant collector, December is also a great time to propagate your houseplants! Remember to keep them in a bright, sunny spot so they can put out new roots!

Christmas Tree Care

The sweet fragrance of a fresh-cut Christmas tree can bring anyone back to their childhood. While it may not be as easy as an artificial tree, live Christmas trees fill the home with the Christmas spirit. Follow these steps when bringing home your Christmas tree:

  • Ask the Christmas tree farm or lot to put a fresh cut on your tree trunk. This will allow the tree to absorb as much water as possible, keeping it from drying out so quickly.
  • Once you bring the tree home, put the tree in water immediately. The tree will absorb a lot of water within 24 hours. Be sure to check the water level during this time and refill as needed.
  • Do not put the tree near a vent; the warm air will dry it out faster.
  • And, of course, never leave the lights on when you are not home.

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