Whatever your reasons for creating your outdoor space we have three things you must incorporate. Items that provide privacy and style add in elements of fire and water and lighting.

Privacy & Style.

Add blankets, pillows and resting spaces to provide texture and style.

Some homes sit very close to their neighbors. Adding a privacy screen of some sort will help relax the feel and mood of the space. Privacy screens come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. Don’t forget to add style with textiles and plant life. All these things are part of creating outdoor space. Check out our article about caring for outdoor furniture for more information to maintain your area.

Fire & Water.

What outdoor room is complete without a fireplace or fire pit? No matter what the budget is, you can add the element of fire. The options range from a large outdoor fireplace to a traditional fire pit or even a small decorative chiminea. 

Adding a water feature will only add to the relaxing feel and sounds of the outdoors. Some spaces may provide enough room to build a small waterfall or pond while other condensed areas appreciate the efficiency of small fountains.

Light It Up

We won’t always be lighting a fire to keep warm. There will be times when lighting traditional items such as candles, string lights, and tiki torches will light up your space. You may want to consider solar recessed lighting as well. Be creative, use light to highlight and cast shadows on the patio space or take it into the backyard flower beds creating a light show in your very own space.

Our designers here at Green Biz have all the knowledge you need to create outdoor space. The focus is on comfort and inviting space to fit your personality. It’s all about you and your customized area. Click here and fill out a free quote request today.